Pip is always thinking about Joe and Biddy but they haven’t seen each other for 11 years. Eventually Pip goes back and reunites with his old home. He finds Joe smoking and they have children. Pip loves the child as he resembles Pip in every way when he was younger. Pip also asks to hang out with him all the time. Biddy insists that Pip should marry first but Pip does not agree. Pip exclaims that he has forgotten his dream with Estella and Estella herself. After all the talk about Estella, Pip goes to Satis House. Over the years, Pip has learned that Estella was never happy in her marriage with Drummle. He also heard that Drummle had died in an accident. After arriving at Satis house, Pip sees that everything is gone except for the garden wall. Pip sees a silhouette walking towards him. Pip sees Estella and they shout each others names in excitement. They sit on a bench and have a conversation about Satis House and how they haven’t been there since the death of Miss Havisham. Estella claims that the land was hers but she was never able to let it go. They both tell each other of how they thought of each other often. Estella’s suffering has taught her to understand what having feelings are like. She asks Pip to be friends. Pip says “We are friends” and they make their way out of the broken land.


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