Pip arrives back at the village and stays the night at the Blue Boar. This is the first night he had slept well in a while. The next morning , Pip goes to visit Satis House only to find that the area is being sold off. He heads back to the Blue Boar and discovers Mr Pumblechook. Mr Pumblechook pretends to be nice by ordering Pip a watercress sandwich. Again Mr Pumblechook sits down and tells Pip all about his horrible actions. Pip gets annoyed and when Mr Pumblechook finishes, Pip heads off to find Joe and Biddy. Pip goes to the schoolhouse to see if he can catch Biddy teaching but the schoolhouse is empty. He realises its the holidays. Pip goes to the forge to find Biddy and Joe linking arms and crying in happiness. It’s their wedding day. Pip is shocked in excitement. Pip expresses his happiness for both of them and says he will pay off everything that they helped him pay off. Pip tells them the news that he will leave England. Pip then says he wants them to to tell their children all about him (Pip). Pip has a nap and after eating lunch with them, Pip leaves England and goes to the East. He vows to join Herbert and Clara. He finds them and they become partners. Pip communicates with Joe and Biddy often and has paid back all his debt. Herbert, Clara and Pip live happily . Pip is eternally grateful to Herbert.


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