Pip, all alone now, realises that he has no money and is also in heaps of debt. He places his bills on the windowsill and informs the landlord he won’t be living there much longer. Although Pip gets very ill and starts hallucinating and sleepwalking. Pip starts acting strangely as if he was possessed. Pip’s debtors show up but Pip does not know who they are. They arrest him and suddenly someone is helping him. Joe is helping him. Pip feels guilty as Joe is so nice to him when Pip looked down on him. Soon later, Pip gets better and realises Biddy has taught Joe how to write. When Pip is better, Pip learns that Miss Havisham has died and has split up her wealth. Orlick robbed Mr Pumblechook and abused him. Orlick ended up in Jail. Joe and Pip go on an adventure into the country and Pip tells Joe all about his years and Magwitch but Joe says the past is the past and to worry about the present. Joe apologises to Pip for the past and Mrs Joe. As Pip’s condition gets better, Joe starts calling Pip “sir”. One morning when Pip wakes up, he finds a note by Joe. The note read goodbye and included a receipt that showed that all of Pip’s debt had been payed off. Pip feels extremely devastated. Pip thinks of a plan. He decides to follow Joe home and work in the forge with Joe. After three days, Pip heads home.


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