Pip gets a letter from Biddy saying Joe would like to come and visit him. Biddy explains that his sister is still sick but they talk about him and what they think he’s doing. Pip although was not excited to see Joe. He was embarrassed of Joe, a blacksmith, and was relieved he wasn’t showing up at the Pocket’s house. Pip had renovated his apartment and hired a servant although their was nothing for him to do. Joe arrives the next day but is uncomfortable in his apartment. Joe meets Herbert but wont shake his hand. They talk a bit and Pip is relieved when Herbert has to leave. Joe tells Pip that Mr. Wopsle has left the church to become an actor in London. He also realises that Joe keeps calling him “sir”. Joe then tells him that Miss Havisham asked him to tell Pip that Estella wants to see him. Pip suddenly feels relieved.


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