Pip is extremely excited to see Estella. He goes for a walk before going to her house. Pip believes him and Estella are meant to be. Pip knocks on Miss Havisham’s gate and Orlick, the new gatekeeper, opens the door. Pip goes in and finds Miss Havisham in the living room with a lady. It was Estella. They go for a walk but Estella cannot remember all the stories of them as a child. They go to the brewery and see a ghost. Pip pretends not to be scared. They go back inside and Estella leaves to help out with dinner. Miss Havisham demands Pip to love Estella. Suddenly Jaggers shows up. They eat dinner awkwardly and Miss Havisham asks Pip to escort Estella from London to Richmond when she comes to town in a few weeks. Pip is ecstatic. Pip goes to bed thinking him and Estella are meant to be.


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