Pip spends his days hanging around with Estella. Estella is being “introduced to society” by the rich friend. Estella uses him to make other boys jealous. Soon they decide to visit Miss Havisham together. Miss Havisham is delighted to see Estella and asks about Pip and Estella. Miss Havisham asks about all those boys that Estella has “used”. Pip realises that Estella was just a tool but still convinces himself that he will marry her. Estella then goes ahead and unlinks her arm from Miss Havisham which is followed by Miss Havisham calling Estella cold and demands her love. Estella responds that she can’t give what she doesn’t have. Pip decides to get away and goes for a walk, when he’s back he finds Estella knitting at Miss Havisham’s feet. It was like nothing happened. One day when Pip is hanging out with Drummle, he tells Pip that he is totally into Estella and he is not lying. Pip gets angry and demands evidence. Drummle then shows a note that Estella had written him. At a party later on, Pip watched Drummle flirt with Estella all night. Pip confronts Estella and asks why someone like Drummle. Pip then realises that he doesn’t stand a chance with Estella.


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