In this Chapter, Pip arrives at Satis house and finds Miss Havisham and Estella sitting by the fire. He tells the two that he has found out who his benefactor is. Pip questions Miss Havisham whether Pip was used all those years ago. Miss Havisham says yes. After Pip gets upset, Miss Havisham exclaims that she does not have to be kind to anyone. Pip expresses his love to Estella right in front of Miss Havisham. Estella does not reply but shakes her head. Pip does not get upset and appears to be very understanding. He explains that since bad things have happened to her, she may not realise when others are unhappy. Miss Havisham is touched. Estella replies and says that she is emotionless. Estella says she still will marry Drummle although she does not feel any love towards him or anyone else. Estella asks if Pip is a boy or a man. Pip then gives a speech to answer the question. Everyone seems silent and is quite astonished by this. He leaves Satis House but does not want to go back to his hometown fo fear of seeing Drummle. In this case he walks back to London. As he crosses London Bridge, the clock ticks to midnight. As he reaches his apartment, the porter hands him a note reading “Don’t Go Home”.


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