Pip starts to be concerned that Compeyson may be looking for Magwitch and this puts him in danger.Pip talks to Herbert and tells him that he needs to see Estella and Miss Havisham before he leaves with Magwitch. Pip sets off to find Estella but by the time he gets there, she had disappeared. She was at Satis House.  Pip finds this a little mysterious. Instead of telling Magwitch that they need to flee as they are in danger, Pip tells him that they’re going on an expedition. Pip then tells him that they are going home to see Joe. Pip arrives back at his home village where he sees Bentley Drummle. They sit down and have breakfast together where Drummle tells Pip all about how his hometown has been since he had left. Pip gets very annoyed and bored. Drummle tells Pip that he will having dinner with Estella and Pip gets angry. He watches Drummle jump onto a horse and head off. Soon after Pip heads off to Satis House.


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