Magwitch tells Pip and Herbert all about his whole life. It turns out that Magwitch has been punished many times. He tells them about when he was an orphan, he was so hungry he had to steal turnips so he wouldn’t starve. He was taken in by many families but each time, he was kicked out. He told them of how he likes to get things done and how he taught himself to read and write. Twenty years ago, Magwitch met a man called Compeyson, dressed like a gentleman but we find out he really wasn’t a gentlemen. Compeyson was a bad influence to Magwitch and they committed many crimes together. Compeyson also knew someone else called Arthur. Arthur was sick and crazy when Magwitch had started working with them. Magwitch was told of Compeyson’s many stories including stories of how they swindled a rich lady and took alot of money. Compeyson had a gambling addiction and that money was gone. Arthur was ill and soon died.

Pip and Herbert are told of how Compeyson had used him to do all of his dirty work while not giving him much of the money they had earned. Magwitch also talks about a girl but soon stops as he is flustered. The two were convicted of money counterfeiting. Although, Magwitch was given double the sentence of Compeyson. This was due to he fact that Compeyson was dressed like a gentleman. Magwitch ended up on a prison ship near the marshes where he was found in chapter 1. Magwitch realises Compeyson is on the ship and attacks him. This causes him to go into solitary confinement. But die to this, he escapes and swims to the marshes where he was found by Pip. Magwitch is also unsure of whether Compeyson is still alive. Herbert than gives a note to Pip discretely telling Pip that Arthur was Miss Havisham’s half brother and that Compeyson was the man who rejected her at her wedding. They then realise that the “rich lady” was Miss Havisham.


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