As a month passes, Pip does not receive any word from Wemmick. Herbert is in need of money and Pip hands over his wallet as he would feel bad if he asked Magwitch. In addition, Pip asks Herbert not to mention the name Estella again. Meanwhile, Pip is also rowing and rowing while waiting for the command from Wemmick. One night, Late February, Pip takes himself out for a movie and dinner. Afterwards, he goes to see Mr Wopsle performing in a Christmas Pantomime.Pip spots Mr Wopsle staring at him during the play. Afterwards, Mr Wopsle tells Pip that he saw a ghost figure sitting behind Pip. Pip gets a little scared by this. Mr Wopsle claims him to be Compeyson but does not know who he is. Pip tells Herbert and Wemmick about the situation and they decide to be cautious from now on.


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