One day after rowing for ages on end, Pip feels a little depressed. Pip runs into Jaggers on the street and Jaggers invites him out to dinner. Pip accepts the invitation. At Jaggers house, Wemmick finally contacts him and passes a message from Miss Havisham which tells him to come and visit. Jaggers reveals that Estella had been married to Drummle and that he may start hurting her. Pip gets very surprised and heartbroken. Pip notices Molly the housekeeper and notices that her gestures are very similar to Estella’s. Pip decides to ignore it for now. As Pip walks home with Wemmick, Pip asks for Molly’s story. Wemmick goes ahead and tells him that Molly was one of Jagger’s clients back a long time ago. She was extremely attractive. She was also accused of murdering another woman out of jealousy. This woman was found dead in a barn. Jaggers helped her and dressed her up in a childish outfit to use the argument that she is too small and weak to murder someone at court. It was also suspected that Molly had killed her child so this was used against her. In the end, Jaggers managed to free Molly and prove her innocent, by telling the court of the real murder and not one she was suspected for. Due to this, she went and worked as Jagger’s housekeeper. Pip asks the gender of the child and Wemmick replies that she is a girl. Pip is extremely confused.


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