Pip goes back to the village where he finds Miss Havisham again. This time alone. Although she looks different. A little afraid and lonely. Pip requests for £900 for Herbert’s career. Miss Havisham is willing to hand over the money and is also willing to do whatever Pip requires her to do. Pip then says he doesn’t want money. Miss Havisham begs for Pip’s forgiveness and Pip exclaims that he has already. Pip tells her that he is unable to hold a grudge against anybody. Miss Havisham continues to tell him how she did not realise the things she had done. She says she did not realise until Pip expressed his love to Estella. She says that she relates to Pip. Pip tells Miss Havisham that she should try and heal Estella’s emotionless self. Pip asks how Miss Havisham found Estella and she tells him that she asked Jaggers to find him a daughter and he did. He brought Estella to Miss Havisham. Pip leaves the house and decides to walk in the ruined garden. He goes to the old brewery and hallucinates seeing Miss Havisham hanging like a witch. Pip decides to go and check on Miss Havisham once more. He peeks into the room and sees her wedding dress had caught fire. Pip runs and tries to put out the fire by wrapping her in a table cloth on the wedding table. Everything falls over and Pip holds the tablecloth on her until the fire is out. They call a doctor and one shows up while Miss Havisham lies on the wedding table. Pip realises that his arm had been burned but Miss Havisham’s injuries are a lot worse.The next morning Pip says goodbye to Miss Havisham as he leaves and kisses her on the lips.


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