Pip finds out who Estella’s real parents are but wants to confirm. He heads to Jagger’s office but finds Jaggers and Wemmick sorting out some bills. They do not seem to be very happy. He asks Jaggers to write a cheque for the amount they had previously agreed to after he tells him of the money Miss Havisham had agreed to lend to him. Mr Jaggers and Wemmick both get angry at Pip for not asking for money himself.  Soon after, Pip explains that Estella’s father is Magwitch. Jaggers is very surprised but does not show it. Pip gets upset as he is being ignored and continues to explain to them. Pip asks them for some information so he can save Estella from her emotionless self. The two refuse to provide Pip with any information. Pip then targets Wemmick’s soft side and Jaggers is fairly surprised that Wemmick even has a soft side.  Jaggers finally tells Pip of Molly the housekeeper and how she was accused of murder at the same time that Miss Havisham was looking for a child. Jaggers thought he might be able to give baby Estella a better life by giving her a better mother. Molly had told Magwitch that she had killed the daughter so Magwitch does not know the daughter had been adopted and is still alive. After this Jaggers had no clue that the father was Magwitch. He tells them both that they cannot tell anyone and if they do it will only cause trouble. Jaggers and Wemmick decide to get back to their business although things are a little awkward between the two.


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