Pip goes straight to the shipyard worker with his cheque to arrange the money for Herbert’s career. Clarriker, the shipyard worker tells Pip that he plans to open a new business somewhere in the East where he hopes Herbert will run. Pip is happy that Herbert had got himself a great job but is also a bit sad that he had to say goodbye. Pip tells Herbert and Herbert is ecstatic. He imagines a life with Clara and Pip all living together.  Wemmick informs Pip that the next Wednesday is the day they take action and escape with Magwitch. The two decide to include Startop in their plan as Pip can no longer row after the injuries with Miss Havisham. They set down all the details of passports and ships and times when Pip suddenly receives another message. The message tells Pip that he must go to the Marshes if he wants information about Magwitch (or Uncle Provis as they decide to disguise him as. Pip obeys and decides to go to the marshes the that night. He catches a carriage, the last, to the marshes but stays at a local inn first. The innkeeper tells Pip of a boy who became rich and gentlemanly from a mysterious benefactor. Pip doesn’t reveal anything and plays along. The innkeeper says the local boy rejected his close ones and when Pip asks who, the innkeeper says Mr Pumblechook. Pip Is surprised and refuses to eat dinner. He heads out to the marshes to meet the man.


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