As Pip heads through the marshes, a storm strikes up as well as his surroundings being pitch black. Pip is used to the marshes so Pip wanders through them knowing all his surroundings. After a while Pip finds the meeting point of him and the mysterious man. Pip finds it to look deserted and he heads inside. Pip notices a candle and picks up when suddenly someone extinguishes the fire. Pip gets tied to a post and feels his injured arms burning. Pip cries out in pain. The man lights a fire as his face is revealed. Pip notices that it is Orlick. Orlick explains how Pip turned Biddy against him. He confesses and says he killed Mrs Joe but the main problem was Pip. Due to favouritism by Joe over Orlick and \how he made Orlick’s life so miserable. Orlick also says he was the one on the stairwell that night and that he is in contact with Compeyson as they both know that Pip and Magwitch are trying to flee the country. Orlick drinks quickly only to pick up a stone hammer and attempt to threaten Pip. Orlick says he will kill Pip. All of a sudden, Herbert, Startop and Trabb’s boy jump in to attack Orlick. The boys release Pip and take him back to the village. They decide to not take further action and return to London. Pip is having trouble sleeping and keeps waking up in the middle of the night. As the next morning comes, Pip is ready to go.


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