It’s the day that their plan will take place. Pip is a little hesitant but is ready nonetheless. Herbert, Pip and Startop row to Clara’s House and pick up Magwitch. Magwitch in this case is dressed as a river captain. Startop and Herbert are rowing as Pip’s arms are unable to. Instead Pip is steering while Magwitch is reminiscing about his life. They have a stop on the side of the river for a break where they have some food and drink beer. Pip has a weird feeling that someone is following them. They row a bit farther in the direction of the ocean but it is getting dark so they decide to stop by an inn called the Ship where they stay the night. The inn isn’t in the best condition but they are happy for the shelter. One of the workers at the inn indicates that he saw a boat somewhere in the distant that wasn’t moving. Pip is a bit wary but they decide to sleep. Pip wakes up in the middle of the night again only to find a bunch of men snooping around their boat. Pip gets even more anxious. Early next morning, they head out and aim for a ship that will take the two to Hamburg. Soon, they realise a boat is following them and is following them closer than before. Magwitch notices Compeyson in the boat, and jumps to attack him pulling him into the water with him. The two struggle under water but only Magwitch is seen surfacing. Magwitch is severely wounded. Pip buys him some dry clothes. Pip then tells Magwitch that he will always be on his side.


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