As the police take Magwitch to Police, they try to find evidence that Magwitch was an escaped convict but their was no evidence. Compeyson could have been the only evidence but he had drowned in the attack. Pip pleads Jaggers to take Magwitch’s case but Jaggers refuses. He implies that once a witness is found, Magwitch is done for. Magwitch also had his money taken and they ponder as to where the money will go. Compeyson’s motive for capturing Magwitch was that he thought he would receive a reward. Magwitch gives the paper found in Compeyson’s pocket detailing his motive to Jaggers and hoping that Pip can acquire his money. Pip doesn’t care about the money but is more worried about Magwitch. After a while in the police station, Herbert tells Pip that he’s heading out to the East to pursue his business and seek his fortune. Pip is extremely heartbroken so Herbert suggests that Pip goes to Cairo with them to live with him and Clara. Herbert also says he can give Pip a job there and that they could become partners. Pip asks for two or three months to decide. Another day, Pip runs into Wemmick and gets invited to the castle on the next monday. As the next monday comes, Pip heads to the castle. They decide to go on a hike and bring a few fishing rods. As they hike, they pass a church and they go in. A pair of gloves are in the church and he tells Pip to put them on. Pip does so without knowing anything what is happening. Miss Skiffins appears with Wemmick’s father and they propose a wedding. Pip realises he will be Wemmick’s best man. They go to a local inn to have a wedding breakfast after the ceremony has ended. Although Pip finds out that the wedding must be kept a secret from Jaggers.


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