Pip heads to Miss Havisham’s house to meet Estella. He waits in a room filled with Miss Havisham’s relatives. They all look at Pip with disgusted looks. Estella appears and guides him to Miss Havisham. He ends up in a room with a long table in the middle and a protruding blob sticking out in the table. Pip can hear mice running and beetles. Pip finds out that it was her wedding feast and the “blob” was a cake. Miss Havisham takes Pip and makes him walk around the room multiple times. Estella and the other relatives go inside the room. He insists that a person named “Matthew Pocket” will stand at the head of the table. Pip finds out it is actually Miss Havishams birthday and her relatives come over every year. Estella comes back into the room and they all stand in silence thinking about her dead body on the table. Pip plays cards with them until he gets bored and goes into the garden. He finds another little boy studying. The boy asks Pip to fight him and he accepts. Pip knocks the boy out and walks away. Estella see’s him and says he can kiss him and he accepts. Pip goes back home.


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