Pip grows uneasy over his fight with the boy at Miss Havisham’s estate.  Pip then goes to Miss Havisham’s again and quickly checks the scene of the fight for any blood and then covers some up with some garden mold.  Pip goes to meet Miss Havisham who asks him to push her around in her garden chair. Pip and Miss Havisham discuss a number of topics including what pip plans to do when he grows older to which he replies that he will become apprenticed to Joe as a blacksmith. Miss Havisham also teases pip over his attraction to Estella and then asks them to play cards together. Pip then grows apart from his family very slowly as he notices their flaws and general obnoxious. Pip is planned to be an apprentice to. She then tells Pip to bring Joe on his next visit to the her estate. Pip returns to tell Joe about the invite, which brings about a “rampage” on Mrs Joe’s part which sends Pip to bed and ends the chapter.


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