He realises Mr Pocket Junior is in fact Herbert. Herbert asks Pip to forgive him for beating him up at Miss Havisham’s place. Herbert was in the same situation and was used as Estella’s playmate before Pip. Herbert tells Pip his Dad will be Pip’s new tutor. Pip knows that Herbert is a gentlemen and will teach Pip. Herbert decides to give Pip a nickname; Handel. They have dinner and Pip is thrilled to be by himself with Herbert. Pip asks Herbert to tell him of Miss Havisham. Herbert tells Pip that Miss Havisham was a spoiled only child and was told that she had a half brother named Arthur when her mother in law died. Ms Havisham and Arthur did not like each other at all. When her dad died, he left Arthur a big fortune while Miss Havisham was left with even more. Miss Havisham was now rich but fell in love with the completely wrong man. He convince Ms Havisham to buy out Arthur’s share of the brewery. Herbert’s Dad saw through this man and told her to leave him. On their wedding day, Ms Havisham received a letter from him calling the whole thing off. Miss Havisham got very angry and fell ill. Arthur had meant to rob Miss Havisham and all her fortune. That was the end of Herbert’s recount of her story. Pip asks about Estella but Herbert says he does not know much about her. Pip questions Herberts job and Herbert responded “capitalist—an insurer of ships”. Although, he explains that he is waiting for his big break where he will earn alot of money. Pip loves the idea but thinks he will never become rich and successful.

Pip cant help but think of Joe. They decide to head to Herberts home in Hammersmith. They arrive and find Herberts 7 siblings tumbling on the lawn. They find Herbert’s mother reading a book intensely. She asks how Pip’s mother is doing but before Pip could answer, her youngest child was placed on her lap by the servants and she had to figure out how to hold him. Mrs. Pocket orders everyone to go and nap and the children go into their room. Mr Pocket arrives home soon after.



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