Mr Pocket warmly welcomes Pip but not so warmly his wife. Mrs Pocket is only interested in her father as her father was a knight. Pip meets two other students that he will be studying with, Drummle and Startop. Pip figures out that the Pocket’s house were basically run by servants, Flopson and Miller. The servants were like they were in charge and ordered Mrs Pocket around. Mr Pocket is a great scholar but Pip soon learns from the neighbour, Mrs. Coiler, that Mrs Pocket hates that her husband has to make a living by teaching others. Not many people like Mrs Coiler as people find her weird. The seven children are then called to have dinner and Flopson lines them up. Mrs Pocket wants to hold the baby but the baby nearly slips underneath the table and hits his head. Mrs Pocket talks to Drummle about her father being a knight, while the baby starts to cry. Jane Pocket goes over to comfort the baby but Mrs. Pocket shouts at her and tells her to go and lie down. Mr Pocket gives each of his children one shilling. Although the family is crazy, Pip enjoys it and they go rowing every evening. One day, while Mr and Mrs Pocket are sitting in the kitchen, a servant tells them that the cook is drunk and passed out in the kitchen. Mr pocket goes down to have a look. He tells the wife and she is extremely angry and defends the cook. The reason was because the cook had always told her she was fit to be a duchess.


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