Pip is celebrating his 23rd Birthday by himself, in a storm while Herbert has gone to France. A stranger appears on Pips doorstep as he hears footsteps on the staircase. Pip goes and shines his light in the strangers face. He realises it’s “his” convict. The convict gives Pip a warm hug while also warning him away. Pip then exclaims how he doesn’t want anything to do with the convict. Thanks to Pips comments, the convict starts crying while Pip goes off to get him a drink. The convict reaches out to embrace Pips hand. Pip reaches for his wallet and tries to pay the convict for all the money the messenger had sent him on his behalf. The convict then reveals that he was the person helping Pip all this time. He expresses how he had turned Pip into a gentleman and how Pip was his reason for living. He then exclaims how proud he is of Pip as himself could not be a gentleman, he decided to help someone else become a gentleman. Pip allows his convict to sleep in Herbert’s bed. After the talk, Pip realises that Miss Havisham and Estella were not meant to be a part of Pip’s life and that he had abandoned Joe for a dream that never was to happen. Pip then becomes tired of thinking and ends up asleep on the floor only to wake up early in the next morning.


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