Pip is confused as to whether or not he should house the convict as he is not sure if it is safe. As his lanterns are all blown out by the storm, Pip decides to go and find the watchman so he can relight his candles. Although as he walks down the same stairwell, he steps on someone by accident. He tries to ask the man who he is but does not get a reply. Pip goes to find the Watchman and take him to the mysterious man but when they arrive he is gone. After this, he goes back into the apartment and has a conversation with the convict. He finds out that his name is Magwitch but also known as Provis. He tells Pip that he doesn’t want to be found by anyone otherwise he will be killed. Pip goes and asks Jaggers to confirm if Magwitch is actually his Benefactor.  He confirms this and tells Pip that he is. As he goes home, Pip purchases new clothes for Magwitch so he does not look too much like an escaped convict. Pip is also fearful of Magwitch as he may get into trouble. Soon Herbert comes back from France. Pip prepares to tell Herbert the whole story of Magwitch and him but Herbert ends up confused.


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