Pip spends the night at Mr. Pumblechook’s in the attic. In the morning, Pip is not treated well by Mr Pumblechook. They have a long conversation about the house. Another girl appears who is the same age as Pip. She is a really pretty girl. The girl heads him down a series of cold, dark passages. She takes him into a closed room and someone else is in there. It was a very old woman wearing a wedding dress. Pip realizes that all of the clocks in the room are stopped at exactly twenty minutes to nine. Pip stands still. Miss Havisham asks Pip to call for Estella (Which we assume is her name). Miss Havisham suspiciously make them play cards. She feels disappointed as she realises that Pip is just a common boy. Pip expresses that he wants to start heading home. Miss Havisham tells Pip to come back in six days, and she orders Estella to give him some food. Pip feels insecure after Estella mocks him. They head back through the tunnel and Estella leaves food for him on the front porch. Everything is withered and dead in the garden. He goes into the brewery while Estella stays one step in front. He sees Miss Havisham.



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