It was cold morning. Snow was settling on the outside while the carriage rocked up and down. The robotic woman’s voice was heard across the train ” Next stop is ‘vengeance road’.” In my hand, a heavy bag of classified material, not to be revealed to anyone, weighed my shoulder down. The bag, rocked to the side as the train halted to a stop. I was moved by the force but I held on to the pole. The doors slowly widened and opened and I stepped onto the platform.

I walked to the main entrance of the station, busy passengers walking by. The bustling city, created a surrounding effect as if the city revolved around me. I looked towards the towering trees situated behind the city. That’s where I’m headed. I looked around as the buildings stood tall and towered over the city’s main centre. People were going in and out of shops while they stood around studying the situation.

People were staring at me, giving me weird looks and screwing their faces. The fact that I was wearing dark shades and  a long duffle jacket didn’t help my case. It smelt of fresh air. Something I wouldn’t be experiencing when I get into the jungle. Suddenly, the weather takes a turn for the worst. Heavy rain falls and the streets are deserted. This caused me to run fast.


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